Timezone Surfers Paradise

Winner of 2015 Tourism, Hospitality and Events Award

Winner of June 2015 Tourism, Hospitality and Events Award

Winner of 2014 Tourism, Hospitality and Events Awards

Winner of June 2014 Tourism, Hospitality and Events Award

"It was a privilege to accept the Tourism, Hospitality and Events category at the prestigious Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards, especially for our diligent Timezone Surfers Paradise team.

I would like to pay tribute to the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards' panel and our Timezone Surfers Paradise team whose efforts are benchmarked by these awards.

My heartfelt thanks to all of our customers who are the reason behind these accolades, our success and the family fun centre revolution.

Winning the esteemed Gold Coast Business Excellence award category capped off a very successful year for Timezone following its triumphant win in 2014 of  'Top Family Entertainment Centre in the World' at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions ( IAAPA ) in Florida.

24 years ago, Timezone Surfers Paradise was the successor to Grundy's indoor theme park. We changed the concept to focus on families by bringing in attractions and activities rather than video games. Now 80 per cent of our visitors are families.

Our success has been further highlighted with the opening of our second Timezone family entertainment centre at Coolangatta.  We have put a lot of effort into the building of this newest 3000 SQM Timezone at Coolangatta to ensure that we support the local community in the process.

My choice of Coolangatta is based around what we feel is needed in the area, and our new family entertainment centre is certainly able to meet that need.  The Timezone Coolangatta centre will complement our already highly successful Surfers Paradise location.

My team's efforts are benchmarked by such a prestigious award, as is our global brand.

The Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards is a superb enterprise and I advocate all Gold Coast businesses participate".

Mr Juan Uribe




CONDEV Construction

Winner of 2015 Manufacturing and Construction Award

Winner of August 2015 Manufacturing and Construction Award

"We are delighted and honoured to be recognised as winners of such a prestigious local award. Winning a Gold Coast Business Excellence Award not only raises Condev's profile in the community but more importantly acknowledges all the hard work that the Condev team have put into making the company so special. The Gold Coast Business Excellence Award initiative is acknowledgement that Condev is a great place to work and this gives us the foundations to continue developing exiting and innovative solutions for the Gold Coast construction industry."

Steve Marais




REGEN Australia

Winner of 2015 Environment and Sustainability Award

Winner of July 2015 Environment and Sustainability Award

"The Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards is a really positive forum for local businesses to showcase their expertise.
At Regen Australia we work hard to provide excellent outcomes for our clients, our employees and the community.

In a competitive business environment we are continually improving our services and we rarely take time to reflect on our achievements in enhancing and restoring the Gold Coast's natural areas. Our involvement in the Awards has provided us this opportunity.

Being awarded the 2015 overall winner in the Environment and Sustainability sector has proven to be extremely positive for our 30 employees as well as improving our profile and  providing new networking and marketing opportunities".

Mark Bibby
General Manager




Medical Rescue

Winner of 2015 Health and Wellbeing Award

Winner of June 2015 Health and Wellbeing Award

"A professional services company such as Medical Rescue  is dependant on a great team of people . Our clinicians,  managers, instructors, and operations staff work tirelessly to ensure a high quality and timely response when called for. Being the recipient of the GCBEA awards has been a positive experience for our company. It allows us to recognise the enormous efforts made by our staff and the awards dinner allows us to share the experience with them.  The first award dinner was held the same day 20 of our staff had returned from supporting a disaster in the Philippines; an exhausting experience with difficult challenges. It was fantastic to have some of the returning team present that night who were ultimately being recognised for their efforts. Receiving an award is also an assurance to us as directors that we are on the right track and to keep going.

Applying for a Gold Coast Business Excellence Award gives you an opportunity to look closely at your business while answering the questions which in itself is a good practice. You get to share what your business is doing and be measured against  other businesses in similar categories. Just applying for an award creates the motivation to improve your management practices and be innovative.

There is always pressure to shift a growing business to a capital city but having been recognised at the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards and introduced to other successful businesses is  yet another reason that we are determined to remain here on the beautiful Gold Coast . The business community here is thriving, the Council is supportive of small businesses and there is a great collaborative spirit. I am confident that through the GCBEA we have met a number of people who we could reach out to for guidance. We truly appreciate the recognition from GCBEA  and are grateful for the opportunities it has given us".

Dr Glenn McKay
Managing Director
Medical Rescue Group




Ray White Surfers Paradise Group

Winner of 2015 Trades, Professions and Services Award

Winner of September 2015 Trades, Professions and Services Award

"May I first congratulate the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards founding fathers for their insights in the creation of this award category. I have seen the Gold Coast Business Awards grow over the years to now what is truly a significant and very prestigious community event. I know firsthand how many companies work feverishly throughout the course of the year to be ranked in a position to win these prized recognitions. It is invaluable to the credibility of any Gold Coast Business.

What has also inspired me is seeing the diversity of Gold Coast Businesses emerge. We truly are building a robust business base that is critical to the wellbeing of the Gold Coast taking a reliance away from construction, tourism etc. It provides enormous employment opportunities to our locals. But what is also noticeable is the stature of the businesses that now can perform not only on a national but an international basis. Who would have ever thought that the Gold Coast would be the home to so many inspiring businesses. From our own perspective we have been honoured to win recognition on numerous occasions. In its early days those recognitions held little value but today we use this prestigious award proudly at every promotional opportunity. 

Once again, congratulations to the team at the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards for all that you have done to support, encourage and grow our business community. 

Best wishes,

Andrew P. Bell OAM
Chief Executive Officer
The Ray White Surfers Paradise Group





Family Fresh

Winner of 2015 Encouragement Award

Winner of May 2015 Mayor's Innovation GC Award

"I would just like to take a minute to thank you for our Gold Coast Business Excellence Innovation award.

The acknowledgement from both peers and colleagues alike for this honour, is a true testament to all that Family Fresh stand for and all that we set out to achieve. 

We accept with great pleasure and pride this prestigious award, and look forward to future endeavours".

Kevin and Jenny Flanagan
Family Fresh




Burleigh Brewing Company

Winner of 2014 Business of the Year Award

Winner of 2014 Retail, Wholesale and Distribution Award

Winner of October 2014 Retail, Wholesale and Distribution Award

"We began entering the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards in 2010 our third year of Burleigh Brewing Company's operations.

At the time, we saw the Awards as a great opportunity for us to get to know the 'best of the best' on the Gold Coast and also to benchmark our progress against them. Going through the process of compiling our entry information forced us to honestly assess the things that we believed were working well and the areas where we knew we needed to improve. Indeed we look forward to the process every year and the reality check of determining whether we have truly made improvements or advancements on the year before.

Our first monthly award was an amazing thrill! It suggested to us that we were at least on the right track and that we should keep working hard.

A sprinkling of monthly and category awards followed over the subsequent years. Regardless of the result on the Gala Awards night, every year we have cherished the opportunity to spend an evening with our team, to celebrate their contribution to Burleigh Brewing and to remind them that they are doing a brilliant job!

To be named the 2014 Supreme Gold Coast Business of the Year was the most wonderful acknowledgement of the hard work and efforts of not only the entire Burleigh Brewing team over the last 8 years, but also the support of every single supplier, customer and local Gold Coaster who has embraced our product, our business and our efforts in the community.

We truly appreciate the acknowledgement".

Peta Fielding
Director & CEO




Nucrush Group

Winner of May 2015 Manufacturing and Construction Award

Winner of 2014 Manufacturing and Construction Award

Winner of June 2014 Manufacturing and Construction Award

"The Nucrush Group were very pleased to have received the 2014 Gold Coast Business Excellence Award for Manufacturing & Construction.

Recognition such as this is a testament to the combined efforts of all our employees both past and present.  Being able to use the logo on our website and emails is a powerful marketing tool  and helps reinforce our business image.

The end of year awards night was great and very well organised. It was fantastic to see so many successful and proud Gold Coast businesses celebrating their achievements together.

We would certainly recommend other businesses becoming  involved with these awards."

Declan Mackle











Evolve Skateboards

Winner of June 2015 Manufacturing and Construction Award

Winner of 2014 Emerging Business Award

Winner of September 2014 Emerging Business Award

"Winning Emerging Business of the Year was a wonderful experience that allowed us to pause from our busy day to day activities and reflect with our team on how far we've all come together.

Along with the accolades and publicity from the awards, becoming part of the Gold Coast Awards circle has been instrumental in cementing our place in the local community.

On top of all this it has strengthened support from our customers while also opening up new opportunities to us."

Jeff and Fleur Anning










Above and Beyond Funerals

Winner of July 2015 Emerging Business Award

"This is our second year of entering the Gold Coast Business Awards and we are delighted to have won Monthly Awards both times.
I saw the awards as an opportunity to connect with other emerging businesses here on the Coast and to gain a valuable insight to what they strive for in their own businesses.  Having the Awards logo on our website and our awards on show in our office, gives our clients confidence in the knowledge that we are a business on the way up, improving and growing, and one day we hope to be the leader in our industry.  As an independent business,we are about hard work and effort and winning the award shows us we are on the right track.  Not just for our existing families, but the potential families that will see and hear of our business through these awards, that is a benefit that will flow on".

Rebecca Bailey













Border Security

Winner of May 2015 Environment and Sustainability Award

"2015 is the first year we have entered into the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards. We saw this as an wonderful opportunity to be able to benchmark our business against other high calibre business on the Gold Coast with a focus on networking and sharing innovative ideas and concepts. We were delighted and honoured to be named as Winner of the May Monthly Business Award for Environment & Sustainability. It is a fantastic achievement for our team's hard work and dedication. This award demonstrates that small and medium businesses can make a difference to our environment by analysing their operations and making continual improvements. We proudly display our award in our office and the award logo on our emails and website.  The feedback and comments from our clients has been tremendous and has helped us further showcase our Company"

Leanne Walsh
Director and General Manager










Cav's Steakhouse and Butchery

Winner of May 2015 Tourism, Hospitality and Events Award

"We were so honored to be the winner of the Business Excellence award for May 2015.

To be a winner of an award that highlights the growing importance of the Gold Coast as a business hub and recognise leading businesses is a huge achievement for us.

The award process also represented a great opportunity for gain an insight into our operations and business as a whole.

We appreciate all of our loyal customers from near and far and without their patronage we would not be here today.

Our award takes pride on our entry reception and does its job to foster pride amongst the community".

Richard Cavill












Winner of May 2015 Knowledge Management and IT Award

"We've been entering the Gold Coast Business Excellence awards for the past seven years and are proud to have been regular finalists, taking home five awards in a variety of categories.

The awards are an opportunity to gain exposure for our best work and credibility as a local Gold Coast business.

For e-CBD though, the best feature of the awards is the benefit to our staff. Our team works hard to build excellent websites for our clients, keeping up to date with the latest technology so we can develop competitive sites for local businesses, as well as national and international companies. The Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards are an achievement we can all share in.

We appreciate the acknowledgement for all our hard work."

Marilyn Strauss











GANDEN Engineers and Project Managers

Winner of June 2015 Emerging Business Award

"Winning the June 2015 Emerging Business Award was a massive highlight this year for our small, but ever growing and expanding, business.  Having entered previously but not managing to become an award winner made us all the more determined to keep on trying until we succeeded.   It is this tenacity and strong belief in our business that has contributed to the successes we are now seeing our company reach. 

To have our efforts and hard work formally recognised by such prestigious awards is extremely satisfying and uplifting.  When our business partners, friends and family contact us to congratulate us and upon hearing our name of the radio it never ceases to create that special buzz feeling.  Being able to use the logos on our communications and website has also certainly helped increase our business profile.

We are very much looking forward to the Gala night in November and regardless of the overall winner outcome, we will be celebrating with our full team and having a well earned evening out together.  We are also looking forward to meeting the other finalists and sharing our stories together". 

Darron Nutt













Quantum Power

Winner of 2014 Environment and Sustainability Award

Winner of September 2014 Environment and Sustainability Award

"Winning the Gold Coast Business Excellence Award for Environment and Sustainability was a huge thrill for our team. We strive for excellence in all that we do, however when running a busy, growing business it's not often that we reflect on our achievements, or are given recognition for our contribution to our community, industry and society.

Whilst the recognition itself was extremely uplifting for us we did't anticipate the tangible benefits that flow from being a Gold Coast Business Excellence Award winner. Using the logo on our emails, and on our website established credibility in the eyes of potential and existing clients. The publicity associated with the event has directly led to new business opportunities for Quantum Power and also positively contributed to securing new projects for the business.

The event is professionally run and managed. We were blown away by the size and professionalism of the awards night. The Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards are a tremendous initiative and I recommend all Gold Coast businesses to nominate and to participate in the awards process."

Richard Brimblecombe










Skin O2

Winner of 2014 Encouragement Award

Winner of September 2014 Health and Wellbeing Award 

"Winning a Gold Coast Business Excellence Award was an exciting event for our business.

The moment our brand name was announced on the big screen we felt such an immense feeling of community support and local pride. The years of blood sweat and tears we shared as a young team had been all worth it for a night of community validation and joyous team celebration.

Adding the winners logo to our website and emails has helped us rapidly expand and develop leading business partnerships and further establish new global business relations.

The glamours award in our showroom motivates our team to go from strength to strength and gives us the sense of partnership with our city among the other businesses involved here on the coast and abroad.

We highly recommend to other businesses to get involved. Not only does it provide to your company a more prestigious profile; the  Awards' party and the precious people you meet makes it one of the best city events of the year!"

Alison Atia
Managing Director




Projects Queensland

Winner of August 2014 Manufacturing and Construction Award

"At Projects Queensland our mission is to deliver interior fitout projects for commercial, residential or public facility projects that exceeds the expectations of our clients, their designers and architects.

To achieve a Gold Coast Business Excellence Award at a function at Bond University in 2014 was extremely pleasing and especially so for our team that works so diligently to deliver projects of outstanding quality.

2014 was also the 25th anniversary of our business so receiving recognition for our work around Australia from the awards panel capped off a very successful year."

Brad Dunne,  Managing Director & Manuel Peña,  General Manager




Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

Winner of 2014 Health and Wellbeing Award

Winner of October 2014 Health and Wellbeing Award       

"The Goast Business Excellence Awards are both well run and highly regarded, but they are also a pleasure to be a part of. 

We were truly honoured to be recognised in our category of Health and Wellbeing at the monthly and then the annual awards and the support from local businesses was very rewarding for us.

The awards present a wonderful platform to share your business success and create stronger community links in a range of industries."

Tracy Willis
Marketing and Public Relations Director




HiRUM Software Solutions

Winner of September 2015 Mayor's Innovation GC Award

Winner of May 2014 Knowledge Management and IT Award

"HiRUM Software Solutions have been very pleased to be finalists in the Knowledge Management and IT category and the Mayor's Innovation GC category of the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards for the past few years.

The Awards have offered an excellent opportunity to increase the profile of our business, through the efforts of the associated advertising campaign, across social media and the internet.  They have also provided us with a platform to celebrate our successes as a company and consolidate our momentum going forward.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our participation in this worthwhile and respected event".

Sylvia Johnston, Senior Executive & Philip Johnston, Director






Winner of July 2015 Knowledge Management and IT Award

Winner of 2014 Knowledge Management and IT Award

Winner of June 2014 Knowledge Management and IT Award

GCOMM has been a participant in the  Gold Coast Business Excellence Award since 2008 winning a category or award every year. The awards are a source of recognition and achievement for our company and provides confirmation that the goals we develop each year are being met or exceeded in our pursuit for continuous growth and excellence in customer service. For GCOMM to win the Knowledge Management and IT Award again in 2014 was fantastic.

As a national provider in a competitive telecommunication's landscape, the award helps us to build credibility, provides great exposure locally to our businesses and helps build team morale. We use the award with our external marketing with email signatures, proposals and website. It reinforces to our customers, suppliers, partners and prospects that we are the preeminent IT&T company on the Gold Coast. 

The awards are a great way for us to connect with other winners in the local business community and the awards night is a great way to celebrate with our team. We encourage all Gold Coast businesses to enter.

Matthew Thompson, Director Business Development and Daniel Thompson, CEO




Next Level races to award victory

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The company's efforts have now been recognise...

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